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The weekend of June 14-16, 2019


‘Men in Black’ & ‘Shaft’ Become Latest Summer

Sequels to Disappoint

It was another disappointing weekend for a pair of new sequels as both Sony’s Men in Black International and WB’s Shaft were both unable to reach even the slimmest of studio expectations heading into the weekend. The weekend is down significantly compared to last year when Incredibles 2 bowed with a record-shattering $182.6 million opening and next weekend will turn to Pixar once again, looking to Toy Story 4 to turn the tide.

Sony’s release of Men in Black International debuted with a disappointing $28.5 million from 4,224 locations. By comparison, this is the lowest opening in the franchise by over $20 million as all three of the previous installments opened with over $51 million. The $110 million production joins a slew of recently released sequels to not only under-perform based on pre-weekend expectations but severely under-performing based on previous films in the franchise. Entering the weekend the film received mostly negative reviews and opening day audiences gave the film a “B” CinemaScore, which is hardly a ringing endorsement. The film played to an opening weekend crowd that was 56% male with 53% of the overall audience coming in aged 25 or older.

Finishing in second is Universal and Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2, which dipped -49% to begin its second weekend with an estimated $23.8 million three-day and a domestic gross that now totals just over $92 million after ten days in release. Internationally, the film added another $8.5 million this weekend for a global cume that now totals nearly $155 million.

Disney’s Aladdin held on well as it enters its fourth weekend in release. The latest Disney live-action reimagining dipped just -32% for an estimated $16.7 million three-day, pushing its domestic cume just shy of $264 million. Internationally the film added another $47.5 million this weekend for an overseas cume that now totals over $461 million and a global tally just shy of $725 million.

Disney’s release of Fox’s Dark Phoenix cratered in its second weekend, dropping a massive -72.6% for an estimated $9 million three-day and a domestic gross that now tops $51 million. This is the second largest second-weekend drop for a film playing in over 3,500 theaters in its second weekend behind only 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey (-73.9%). Additionally, Dark Phoenix earned an estimated $24.2 million in its second weekend of release internationally, raising the overall overseas cume to $152.5 million for a global haul that now tops $204 million.

Rounding out the top five is Paramount’s Rocketman, which dipped -36% as it entered its third week in release with an estimated $8.8 million for a domestic cume that now totals over $66 million. The film also added another $8.5 million internationally for a global cume that now tops $133 million.

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Top Box Office (US)

The weekend of June 14 – 16, 2019

Title Weekend Gross Weeks
Men in Black: International Men in Black: International $28.5M $28.5M 1
The Secret Life of Pets 2 The Secret Life of Pets 2 $23.8M $92.0M 2
Aladdin Aladdin $16.7M $263.4M 4
Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix $9.0M $51.8M 2
Rocketman Rocketman $8.8M $66.1M 3
Shaft Shaft $8.3M $8.3M 1
Godzilla: King of the Monsters Godzilla: King of the Monsters $8.1M $93.7M 3
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum $6.1M $148.6M 5
Late Night Late Night $5.1M $5.4M 2
Ma Ma $3.6M $40.3M 3
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Weekend All Time RECORDS

Chart (click to view) Record Holder Record
OPENING WEEKENDS Avengers: Endgame $357,115,007
OPENING WEEKENDS – WORLDWIDE Avengers: Endgame $1,223,641,414
OPENING WEEKENDS – FOREIGN Avengers: Endgame $866,526,407
WINTER Black Panther $202,003,951
SPRING Avengers: Endgame $357,115,007
SUMMER Jurassic World $208,806,270
FALL It $123,403,419
HOLIDAY Star Wars: The Force Awakens $247,966,675
JANUARY American Sniper $89,269,066
FEBRUARY Black Panther $202,003,951
MARCH Beauty and the Beast $174,750,616
APRIL Avengers: Endgame $357,115,007
MAY The Avengers $207,438,708
JUNE Jurassic World $208,806,270
JULY Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows (P2) $169,189,427
AUGUST Suicide Squad $133,682,248
SEPTEMBER It $123,403,419
OCTOBER Venom $80,255,756
NOVEMBER Catching Fire $158,074,286
DECEMBER Star Wars: The Force Awakens $247,966,675