The Hummingbird Project (2019)

Drama | 111 Minutes
Rating: /10

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  • The Hummingbird Project Cousins Vincent and Anton are players in the high-stakes game of high-frequency trading, where winning is measured in milliseconds. Their dream is to build a straight fiber-optic cable line between Kansas and New Jersey, making them millions, but nothing is straightforward for this flawed pair. Anton is the brains, Vincent is the hustler, and together they push each other and everyone around them to the breaking point with their daring adventure.

Movie Story

A crazy plan to build a fiber line between KC and Wall St to get trading info a fraction of a second early to makes for a nice premise but it fails to tell a compelling story. This could've been a fun caper film but the writing & direction fall short & waste a talented cast. C+

-Mr. Movie Reviews

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The Hummingbird Project

Everything is on the line.

20191 h 51 min

A pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.

Director Kim Nguyen
Runtime 1 h 51 min
Release Date 15 March 2019
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Movie Rating Not rated
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