The Highwaymen (2019)

Crime, Drama, Mystery | 132 Minutes
Rating: /10
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  • The Highwaymen Former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer and Maney Gault join forces to try and capture notorious outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Based on a true story.

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A true gem on Netflix, THE HIGHWAYMEN, with Costner & Harrelson. True story of the two lawmen, Texas Rangers, who tracked & found Bonnie and Clyde. Great history, great acting & well told story thanks to director John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side and The Rookie). Powerful. A-

-Mr. Movie Reviews

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The Highwaymen

20192 h 12 min

Legendary lawman Frank Hamer and Manny Gault, two former Rangers by the time Bonnie & Clyde started their robbery reign, are commissioned as special investigators, coaxed by a consortium of banks to assemble a posse and end the robbery spree of the notorious duo reputed to have killed 13 cops and others.

Director John Lee Hancock
Runtime 2 h 12 min
Release Date 10 March 2019
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Movie Rating Not rated

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Poster for the movie "The Highwaymen"

The Highwaymen

Crime, Drama, Mystery

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