Mid90s (2018)

Comedy, Drama | 84 Minutes
Rating: /10
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  • Mid90s In the 1990s, 13-year-old Stevie lives in Los Angeles with his aggressive older brother Ian and single mother Dabney. While biking around, he comes across Motor Avenue Skateshop and walks in the following day. After trading with his brother for a skateboard, he brings it to the shop and befriends young skater Ruben, who later introduces him to the rest of the group - Ray, Fuckshit and Fourth Grade. Although not good at skating, Stevie quickly fits in with the group, who nickname him "Sunburn." Ruben, who thinks he is being replaced as the “younger kid” in the group, begins to develop a dislike for Stevie. Stevie falls from a roof while skating and Dabney becomes more concerned about him and his friends. Ian also gets into an altercation with Fuckshit while Stevie is present; and becomes intimidated by the group. Stevie later picks up smoking and drinking - and at a party, is given Ritalin and has his first sexual experience. After coming home under the influence, Stevie and Ian violently fight to leave Ian breaking down and Stevie attempting to kill himself. Having seen enough, Dabney bars him from seeing the boys, but he continues to hang with them. Later, Ray tells Stevie that even though he thinks his life is bad, the other boys have it worse; Fourth Grade is poor, Ruben’s mom is a drug addict and abuses him, and his sister, Fuckshit’s consistent partying and drug use is worsening, and Ray lost his younger brother. To ease his mind, Ray takes him on a late night skate session. The shop hosts a party in the back of the store. With Ray having the prospects of making a career in skating, Fuckshit almost sabotages Ray’s chances by embarrassing him in front of potential sponsors, leaving Ray to push him away angrily. Stevie, drunk and high, also fights Ruben. Bummed out on the group's actions, Ray wants everyone to go home, but a drunken Fuckshit wants to drive them to a party. Frustrated and not wanting to argue, Ray agrees, and the group heads off, with Stevie sitting in the front seat. Halfway into the drive, Fuckshit crashes and flips the car, and Stevie is knocked unconscious. Stevie awakens in the hospital with Ian by his side, and the two seemingly make amends. Dabney walks into the waiting room and sees all the boys there, sleeping. Moved by the fact they are there for him, Dabney lets them see Stevie. They recollect the previous night, and makeup. Fourth Grade, who has been filming their antics throughout the film, plays them the finished video, titled Mid90s.

Movie Story

Jonah Hill directed/wrote the Mid90s a look at a young boy growing up without a stable home life, active parent or any close friends. He weasels his way into a skateboard group which leads to sex, drugs and a lot of pointless conversations. 90 minutes of my life I can’t get back! D

-Mr. Movie Reviews

In 1990s Los Angeles, 13-year-old Stevie escapes his turbulent home life by hanging out with a new group of friends he meets at a local skate shop, plunging him into a world of fun, danger, and excitement.

Director: Jonah Hill
Screenplay: Jonah Hill
Cinematography: Chris Blauvelt
Producers: Jonah Hill, Scott Rudin, Ken Kao, Eli Bush

Mid90s Movie Review

Not rated yet!


Fall. Get back up.

20181 h 24 min

Stevie is a sweet 13-year-old about to explode. His mom is loving and attentive, but a little too forthcoming about her romantic life. His big brother is a taciturn and violent bully. So Stevie searches his working-class Los Angeles suburb for somewhere to belong. He finds it at the Motor Avenue skate shop.

Director Jonah Hill
Runtime 1 h 24 min
Release Date 19 October 2018
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Movie Rating Not rated

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Comedy, Drama