Mid 90’S

Gets a “D” from Mr. Movie Reviews.  A total waste of time

Jonah Hill directed/wrote the Mid90s a look at a young boy growing up without a stable home life, active parent or any close friends. He weasels his way into a skateboard group which leads to sex, drugs and a lot of pointless conversations. 90 minutes of my life I can’t get back! D

-Mr. Movie Reviews

In 1990s Los Angeles, 13-year-old Stevie escapes his turbulent home life by hanging out with a new group of friends he meets at a local skate shop, plunging him into a world of fun, danger, and excitement.

Director: Jonah Hill
Screenplay: Jonah Hill
Cinematography: Chris Blauvelt
Producers: Jonah Hill, Scott Rudin, Ken Kao, Eli Bush