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Cate Blanchett is an actress willing to take great chances. Sometimes they work well and sometimes not. This is much closer to them later. World-famous architect/recluse struggling to deal with life. Eccentric or mentally ill? Maybe just annoying? I was not overly impressed! C/C+

AUDIENCE SCORE 80%          IMDB 6.8/10 

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Moss, Haddish & McCarthy and horrible reviews. How could that be right? Start with a really bad story, horribly told and acted. Add a lot of blood and violence and finish it off with a little (okay a lot) of domestic abuse. What did these talented women see in this script? D

AUDIENCE SCORE 70%          IMDB 5.1/10 

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While not a great movie, it is a great story, well told with emotion, a touch of religion & very strong performances. Hodge plays a real-life college football player with NFL dreams who is falsely accused of rape & sent to prison. Can Kinnear get him exonerated? Powerful! B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 92%          IMDB 6.5/10 

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The big summer movies are in the rear-view mirror. The “important” films of fall still coming. In August we get films that didn’t make either cut. This is a mixed bag combining teen secrets, faith & rattlesnakes. It’s dark, very dark, but has moments. Strong acting & cast. B- 

AUDIENCE SCORE 85%          IMDB 5.2/10 

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Christmas comes early for my sis-in-law Deb. The first spinoff from Fast & Furious. A loud, stupid & looong sequel that had greatness within reach but at 2:15 minutes, stumbles at the finish line. Many things to recommend, great action, stunts & cameos. Coulda been great… B-

AUDIENCE SCORE 91%          IMDB 7.1/10 

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The Farewell is one of those movies you don’t see often enough, thoughtful and thought-provoking with a very strong heart. Old & very ill Chinese woman near death but the family doesn’t want her to know. East vs. West, customs & traditions and love of family. Real emotions. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 97%          IMDB 8.2/10 

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Nearly impossible to review a Tarentino movie in 280 characters. Another wild, bloated, crazy ride with an A A-list cast. 1969 was a huge turning point for our country and Tarentino captures it perfectly. Great fun and joy with danger and evil lurking around every corner. A-

AUDIENCE SCORE 92%          IMDB 9.2/10 

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If you thought this could even come close to the original, your hopes were set too high going in. To remake a live version of possibly the greatest animated film of all time is a gutsy move. Some greatness here but more really goodness. The moving mouths were quite weird. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 88%          IMDB 7.2/10 

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Another dark and very funny comedy. Meek man (a typecast Jesse Eisenberg) mugged and ends up taking karate classes. Testosterone oozing everywhere. Learning to hate, to be mean and to hurt people. Does get pretty violent toward the end but still very funny. B/B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 76%          IMDB 7.5/10 

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Jodie Foster narrates this fascinating doc about Alice Guy, one of the true pioneers of modern cinema. Women weren’t recognized for their contributions & Guy’s efforts have been accidentally or deliberately lost. A must-see for movie buffs & mystery lovers. 

AUDIENCE SCORE 89%          IMDB 7.3/10 

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NOW the official end of the current Marvel storyline! Holland is probably the best Spider-Man w/ the perfect sarcastic humor. The Earth is grieving “the blip” from Avengers movie, but Parker heads to Italy on a school trip. Mysterio is the bad guy, and the film is good, not great. B

AUDIENCE SCORE 95%           IMDB 8/10 

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The mid-1960’s in LA had to be a crazy time. This is a doc about the music scene in Laurel Canyon. With names like Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Ringo and the Beach Boys, some of the greatest music of that generation was being made. A fun look back at inspired times/people. B

AUDIENCE SCORE 85%           IMDB 7.1/10 

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   Buckley turns in an outstanding performance as a Scottish wanna-be Nashville star held back by her demons and two kids which she ignores. Even when she gets a break, she screws it up, but she won’t give up her dream. Strong acting & music raises this film to must-see level. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 79%           IMDB 7.4/10 

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My most anticipated movie of the summer did not disappoint. A struggling singer suddenly finds himself in a world where The Beatles never existed. He uses their songs to become a huge star. While it might fall a bit short of greatness, it is fun, joyful and very charming. A-

AUDIENCE SCORE 88%           IMDB 7.1/10 

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Sometimes it’s okay for funny movies to be stupid & that’s exactly where STUBER fits in. Uber driver named Stu spends the evening driving a nearly blind cop around. Crazy hijinks ensue. I did laugh more than I expected but this is an R-rated comedy not for kids! Many F-bombs. B-

AUDIENCE SCORE 83%          IMDB 5.8/10 

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What a missed opportunity to revive this fun franchise. Strong director, great cast and truly special, special effects. Next time spend half the special effects budget on a couple of script rewrites. There was a better movie here than we were allowed to see. Too bad! C+

AUDIENCE SCORE 65%           IMDB 5.6/10 

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Not to be confused with Annabelle, the evil doll, this is Anna the beautiful Russian fashion model/assassin! The action works, but the tiny bit of ridiculous story between action scenes doesn’t. The non-linear storytelling is also irritating. Anna never comes close to working. C

AUDIENCE SCORE 87%           IMDB 6.8/10 

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A curiously well-reviewed film about two young men in SF, aimlessly wandering through life on the streets. They break into a house, one of them believes to be his family’s former home. SF is a unique city full of unique people. This movie reaches but fails. Strong acting tho. C

AUDIENCE SCORE 89%          IMDB 7.8/10 

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A completely fun but also an unnecessary sequel. TS3 was so great I was expecting something truly special with TS4 and was disappointed. It had lots of moments and of course, the kids will love it but was it too much to expect greatness from this franchise? I don’t think so. B/B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 98%           IMDB 8.5/10 

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Ear shattering & mind-numbing sequel of sorts to 2014 film. B-list cast (including the Verizon guy!!) does the best they can. Seventeen of these giant creatures are being hunted by one group and trying to be saved by another. A paper-thin plot for sure. Loud & stupid. D

AUDIENCE SCORE 92%           IMDB 6.5/10 

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Emma Thompson as a late night TV show host facing the end of her career when she adds an unknown new female writer to her all-male writing staff. Honestly, a great premise but the script struggles to reach that level. The writing is occasionally smart but not consistently. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 79%           IMDB 6.3/10

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A brilliant biopic about one of our greatest music stars. Edgerton is fantastic as Elton John & his singing voice is just fine. A brave performance for sure. Hyper-reality shows crazy life full of addictions but also great music and plenty of flamboyant craziness. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 89%           IMDB 7.6/10 

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Two Oscar winners & an Oscar nominee star in this dark violent & disturbing movie about a woman who invites town kids to her basement for underage drinking. She gets creepier & creepier and then the film goes off the rails in a very bad way. Huge waste of talent & my time. D

AUDIENCE SCORE 68%           IMDB 5.9/10 

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Guy Riche (?) directs Will Smith & an unknown cast in this adaptation of an animated classic. Lots of $$ spent on special effects, very little on the story. Tone-deaf songs & scenes that might be too much for younger viewers. Only the princess, Smith & flying carpet were good. C+

AUDIENCE SCORE 93%           IMDB 7.4/10 

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Unheard of movie, w/ unknown stars deservedly getting critical praise. Compared to Superbad, it tells the story of 2 brainiac high school girls who’ve worked hard to find that even those that didn’t, succeeded! One last chance for fun takes great twists & raunchy turns. B+

AUDIENCE SCORE 82%           IMDB 7.4/10 

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The last X-Men film before Disney grabs the reins. The story of Jean Grey’s rescue of a space shuttle in distress & its repercussions. Add in an albino alien Jessica Chastain & you’ve got a mess on your hands. Not a great X-Men movie but not the worst either. Just okay…C+

AUDIENCE SCORE 74%           IMDB 6/10 

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The 3rd installment of an unlikely trilogy gives us another high body count, endless amounts of ammunition beautifully choreographed violence & ever so sparse dialogue. I missed even a small amount of story. Same old, same old but nothing new here. Even Halle Berry didn’t help! B

AUDIENCE SCORE 93%           IMDB 7.9/10 

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Dev Patel stars as a man hired to kidnap a soon-to-be bride & return her to a former boyfriend in THE WEDDING GUEST. A taut thriller that takes several unexpected twists & manages to entertain from start to finish. Probably not in town for long so hurry to see it. A-

AUDIENCE SCORE 72%           IMDB 5.5/10 

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Mr. Movie Reviews Top 2019 Movies To Date. In No Order

Top Box Office (US)

The weekend of August 16-18, 2019



‘Good Boys’ Gives Universal Its Third Straight Weekend #1

Aug. 18 – Universal scored a strong performance this weekend from their new R-rated comedy Good Boys, which outperformed expectations and took the top spot at the weekend box office. However, the weekend’s four other newcomers mostly struggled over the weekend, which includes WB’s Blinded by the Light narrowly finding its way into the top ten while UAR’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette fell short.

Full Story

by Brad Brevet

Check-Out These Netflix Films in August


Is Now On Netflix

Netflix’s original crime series Mindhunter was an instant hit when it premiered on the streaming service back in October 2017, and as a result, it was quickly renewed for a second season. Fans were left to anxiously await the show’s return for more than a year and a half after that, but now, Mindhunter is finally returning. Here’s a look at everything we know about the show’s second season so far.
‘Have You Got Somebody, Holden — Someone You Can’t Catch?’ ‘Netflix Teases ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2
“His dreams will consume him,” the character based on serial killer Ed Kemper tells Holden Ford and Bill Tench. “Soon the real world won’t even compare.”


TV-14 | 1h | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Detective Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown in rural New York to assess an unsettling and heart-wrenching crime — parents murdered by their 11-year-old son with no apparent motive. As Ambrose realizes there’s nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, the investigation pulls him into the hidden darkness of his hometown. He’s pitted against those who will stop at nothing to protect its secrets — and the mysterious Vera, who proves to be a complicated, enigmatic piece to this haunting puzzle.

This is NOT what you think!  Pick a day, grab a beverage and snack and start watching, you will not be disappointed. An thriller and a satisfying watch.

Haven’t seen Season #1 don’t worry it is a totally new series.  Lots of twists and turns, not scary but suspenseful.

It’s the fall of 1984, about a year after Will Byers was found, and he has been plagued by seeing visions of the Upside Down featuring a more dangerous monster. That leads the boy to see a suspiciously friendly new doctor, with the possibility that Will’s visions are the result of suffering from PTSD. Nancy deals with survivor’s remorse over the death of best friend Barb. Meanwhile, a new sinister entity threatens the Hawkins residents who survived the year-earlier events. New to the town is tomboy Max, who befriends the boys and attracts the romantic interests of Dustin and Lucas.

The Highlight’s of Some Movies Opening Around the Country

The Week of August 19, 2019

Check your local listings to see what movies are opening around you!

Angel Has Fallen

2019 ‧ Thriller/Action ‧ 2h 1m

Authorities take Secret Service agent Mike Banning into custody for the failed assassination attempt of U.S. President Allan Trumbull. After escaping from his captors, Banning must evade the FBI and his own agency to find the real threat to the president. Desperate to uncover the truth, he soon turns to unlikely allies to help clear his name and save the country from imminent danger.                         Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Based on: Characters; by Creighton Rothenberger; Katrin Benedikt

The Peanut Butter Falcon

PG-13 | 1h 33min | Adventure

After running away from a residential nursing home to pursue his dream of becoming a pro wrestler, a man who has Down syndrome befriends an outlaw who becomes his coach and ally.
Directors: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz
Producers: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, Christopher Lemole, David Thies, Tim Zajaros, Lije Sarki
Screenplay: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz


R 2019 ‧ Drama/Mystery ‧       1h 49m

A liberal-minded couple, Amy and Peter Edgar, are forced to reconsider their image of their adopted son after they discover he has written an extremely disturbing essay for his class at school.
Director: Julius Onah
Screenplay: Julius Onah, J C Lee
Producers: Julius Onah, John Baker, Andrew Yang


PG-13 | 1h 39min | Biography, Drama, Sport

High school basketball coach John Harrison and his team face an uncertain future when their town’s largest manufacturing plant shuts down unexpectedly. As hundreds of people move away, John reluctantly agrees to coach cross-country, a sport he doesn’t even like. 
Director: Alex Kendrick
Music composed by Paul Mills
Producers: Stephen Kendrick, Aaron Burns

August Movies on the Web-Monster Must-See List

Check Your Local Listings for Time and Locations:

I believe that August could be the best month so far for new movies!

Hobbs and Shaw

The Art of Racing in the Rain




The Peanut Butter Falcon

Bennett’s War



Uncaged, Fiddler:

Brian Banks

The Kitchen

Web-Monster’s TOP August Movie Pick!


PG 2019 ‧ Drama ‧ 2 hours

High school basketball coach John Harrison and his team face an uncertain future when their town’s largest manufacturing plant shuts down unexpectedly. As hundreds of people move away, John reluctantly agrees to coach cross-country, a sport he doesn’t even like. His outlook soon changes when he meets Hannah Scott, an unlikely runner who pushes herself to the limit. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new friend, John starts to train Hannah for the biggest race of her young life.
Release date: August 23, 2019 (USA)
Director: Alex Kendrick
Producers: Stephen Kendrick, Aaron Burns

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R.L. Fridley Theatres, Inc. was formed as an Iowa corporation in 1974. Our founder, Robert L. Fridley, has been a prominent leader in the motion picture theatre exhibition business for over sixty years.

Our Mission

Fridley Theatres strives to provide exceptional service and presentation, great entertainment choices, and competitive prices to the local communities we serve.

The Fleur Cinema and Café almost has it all: the most intelligent Hollywood films, the critically acclaimed indie films, even the occasional local film. Combine that with modern décor, a diverse menu of concessions and reasonable prices—in a refurbished space that was once occupied by a run-of-the-mill multiplex. It’s clear why this locally owned theater has drawn audiences since 2001, without having to rely on blockbusters.